Road Bikes Aren’t like they used to be… They’re way BETTER!

Back in the old days… Road bikes were heavy, clunky & slow. Now they’re improved in all aspects such as performance, weight, design & affordability.

Dublin Cyclery is the go-to headquarters for road bikes for both women and men, beginners to pro riders. We can even custom build a one of a kind road bike to your specs from the frame-up. Feel free to contact us or visit our shop in Dublin, CA for more information on our services.  

You don’t need to be a Tour de France Participant to have a high quality road bike!

If you’re not sure what type of bike you’re looking for, we can help! We spend a few minutes getting to know your ride preferences and your budget and work with you to come up with the perfect match. We offer free test rides in our large parking lot and can arrange for a guided extended test ride with staff.

We want your shopping experience to be as amazing as the bikes we sell.

Road Bike Styles: Endurance, Racing, Aero, Touring & Gravel

Top Quality Brands:

  • Liv models:  (Designed by Women, for Women!) Avail, Langma, and Devote
  • Giant models: TCR, Defy, Propel, Contend, Fastroad
  • Rocky Mountain models: Solo

Accessories?? Absolutely… Too many to list! Auto racks, helmets, saddles, gloves, SPD shoes, replacement cleats, cycling computers and more!

LIV brand road bike - designed by Women, for Women!Modern Giant brand road bike is light-weight.

The Road is Calling… Let’s Go!

Road Bike FAQ’s

Regular maintenance is important to keep your road bike in optimal condition. It's recommended to have a basic tune-up every 6-12 months, depending on your riding frequency and conditions. Additionally, you should regularly clean and lubricate your bike, check for any wear or damage, and address any issues promptly.
Yes, we offer professional maintenance and repair services. Our experienced technicians can handle everything from basic tune-ups to complex repairs. We also offer bike assembly, wheel truing and more.
A flexible frame can provide a more comfortable ride as it absorbs road vibrations and impacts, reducing fatigue on long rides. It can also enhance traction and stability on rough surfaces.

A stiff frame offers excellent power transfer, allowing for efficient pedaling and increased speed. It provides a responsive ride, especially during sprints and climbs.
Using clipless pedals requires a learning curve, as riders need to get used to clipping in and out of the pedals smoothly and quickly (Don’t ask us why these are called “CLIPLESS” because that’s the complete opposite of how they’re used!”). There are a lot of pro’s and con’s of using or not using clipless pedals – here are some main points:

Pro’s: increased pedaling efficiency, more fluid cycling motion, enhanced control and stability, especially during fast descents.

Con’s: Potential for falling when learning to use, cost involved in the pedals and purchasing the corresponding compatible cycling shoes. Reduced ease of foot placement. If you’re new to road cycling, we recommend getting comfortable with your new bike and then adding the clipless system later.
While it certainly is possible to do this, it isn’t practical. The handlebars, cables/housing, brake levers, shifters etc. would all need to be replaced. In addition to all the new parts, the labor charge would be pretty steep. If you’re asking because you feel uncomfortable with the hunched over position, we can help with that by possibly adding a stem riser. You would still be bent over a bit, but at a way more comfortable level. We do this for a lot of casual road cyclists who have neck issues. Alternatively, you might consider purchasing a hybrid bike and switching between the bikes depending on the ride you’re taking. With the cost to change the entire handlebar system, you can almost buy a new hybrid.
It’s a good idea to focus on building endurance through regular rides, incorporating interval training for speed and power and practicing bike handling skills. You might want to visit and check out their classes or even join our friends at They have regular training rides and host local rides for all fitness levels. We offer ValleySpokesmen members 10% off accessory purchases.



Dublin Cyclery is located at 7001 Dublin Blvd. in Dublin, California

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