The Electric Bike Revolution Has Arrived, and Dublin Cyclery Has E-bikes in Stock

Back in the day, pre-Covid 2020, our store sold maybe 2-3 e-bikes per month. Then we sold out of stock in 2020 (like most bike shops). But, starting in 2021, we have been experiencing a massive increase in e-bike sales of all types, such as mountain, hybrid, comfort, cargo and fat-tire.

Visit our store in Dublin, CA to test ride many styles of electric and pedal assist bikes!

Vida E red Momentum Electric Bike.
Cito Metal Color 3200 Momentum Cargo E-bike.
Giant brand e-bike in an amber-orange color.
Giant brand e-bike model Trance in a tan-black color.
Vida E red Momentum Electric Bike.
Cito Metal Color 3200 Momentum Cargo E-bike.
Giant brand e-bike in an amber-orange color.
Giant brand e-bike model Trance in a tan-black color.
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There Are 3 Classifications of Electric Bikes

  • Class 1:  These electric bikes provide assistance only when the rider is pedaling and cut off assistance when the bike reaches a speed of 20 mph. These bikes are often preferred for city commuting and recreational rides.
  • Class 2:  Equipped with a throttle which allows the rider to control the motor without pedaling (but they can pedal if desired). The motor assistance also cuts off at 20 mph. These bikes are suitable for riders who may need a boost without pedaling continuously.
  • Class 3:  These e-bikes provide pedal assistance up to 28 mph, offering faster speeds for commuters and riders covering longer distances.

Our store carries all three classes of e-bikes. As an independent bike shop, we are not limited to bikes from just one particular manufacturer, allowing us to offer a wide assortment of models and brands in our store and also available for special ordering from all of our manufacturers, such as Giant, Momentum, Liv, Aventon, Transition, Rocky Mountain and Haro.

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Electric Bike FAQ’s

Range: Consider the distance you plan to travel on a single charge.
Motor power: Determine the power you need based on the terrain and your riding style.
Battery capacity: Look for a battery with sufficient capacity to meet your travel needs.
Frame size: Choose a frame size that suits your height and riding comfort.
Design and style: Select a bike that matches your preferences and suits your lifestyle.
City/commuter bikes: Designed for urban commuting with features like fenders, lights, and racks.
Mountain bikes: Suitable for off-road or trail riding with more robust suspension and tires. .
Folding bikes: Compact and portable, ideal for commuters or those with limited storage space. .
Fat bikes: Equipped with wider tires for improved stability and traction on various terrains. .
Road bikes: Designed for speed and efficiency on paved roads. .
Hybrid bikes: Designed for road or trails with wider tires for comfort and traction. Some have front suspension.
We would recommend the most comfortable type of e-bike, such as a Vida E by Momentum or possibly a SKWAD I/O by Haro. These two bikes are super easy to get on and off with their step-thru frames. They’re super easy to shift, with their grip shifters. We work with our customers to match the type of riding they want to do and what their budget is. We are experts at matching riders to bikes – even when customers come in and have no idea what they want. We listen to their questions and concerns and have them try different types of bikes to find the perfect match.
Not at all! With e-bikes, you get as much exercise as you’d like. This is great for people who want to ride but get tired after just a few minutes on a traditional bike or have issues with riding up hills. With an e-bike, you can enjoy the fresh air and exercise while building up your stamina gradually. E-bikes are awesome for riders who have knee issues too.
For some of our Giant, Liv or Momentum models, the manufacturer’s recommended rider weight limit is 344 lbs. If a customer is concerned, then there is an option to put stronger rims/wheels on the bike.
These are super versatile and can be used for everything from commuting to recreational use. A lot of parents are purchasing these because they can hold 2 children and the drop offs at school are so much quicker with a bike vs. long line of cars. The rear racks can accommodate all sorts of cargo, from groceries to lumber and anything in between. The cargo-style bikes are easy to get on and off as the rider is low to the ground. If the rider needs help balancing they simply can put their feet down to the ground.
Most electric bikes are designed to handle light rain and wet conditions. However, it's essential to check the IP rating of the bike's components (such as the motor and battery) to ensure they are adequately protected against water ingress. Additionally, it's recommended to avoid riding through deep puddles or heavy rainstorms to prevent damage to electrical components.
All of these are great for hill climbing, but the best e-bike for climbing hills are those with torque-sensing cranks (motor is attached to cranks) rather than having a motor in the rear wheel. These bike motors are so powerful that you can effortlessly ride up a hill.
All manufacturer’s e-bikes are different, however each of the models we carry have about a 40 mile minimum. Some models, Giant’s for example, have a much larger battery and can far exceed this. The range depends on several factors, including battery capacity, motor power, terrain, rider weight, and level of pedal assist. For example, if a cyclist uses low power, they will save battery charge. If the rider uses the highest power (help) setting, the battery will drain quicker and if the cyclist is climbing a ton of hills, then the charge will be drained faster than going on a flat surface. If you think you’ll be riding more than 40-50 miles at one time, we can help you to pick the e-bike with the longest range. We also sell extra batteries so riders can double their distance.
No, unfortunately the technology isn’t available yet for self-charging batteries.
Your e-bike will still function however pedaling will be more of a challenge. The e-bikes we sell all have battery charge indicators, so you can plan your ride without fear of running out of juice. Some models even have “auto” power, which controls how much help you need without you having adjust your power up or down, which conserves battery charge because you aren’t drawing extra power you don’t need.
No, you can plug directly into the battery on the bike. But, if you’d like to, you can definitely remove the battery and charge it elsewhere. Do I need keys to operate the e-bike: No, the keys are only needed to remove the battery from the frame. They’re locked on for theft protection.
The batteries have a 2 year warranty on most of our models. Even though the warranty is for 2 years, the batteries may last many more years. Over time, they can stop charging to 100% but this is extremely gradual and doesn’t diminish the functioning of the battery, it would just need charged a little more often.
Electric bikes generally require similar maintenance to traditional bicycles, such as regular tire inflation, chain lubrication, and brake adjustments. However, there are some additional considerations, such as periodically checking the battery connections and keeping the electrical components clean and dry. Our store has proprietary service keys for the e-bikes we carry so we can diagnose motor issues and perform software updates to your bike in our store. E-bikes purchased from our store come with a free full service tune up in the first year, and free lifetime safety checks. We also work with our manufacturers if any warranty work is necessary.
Yes, we are happy to assemble your purchase. We highly recommend a professional assembly even when the manufacturer says you can do it yourself. Part of the assembly process is fine-tuning the gears and adjusting the brakes. We check for parts that are defective and make sure your bike is safe for your enjoyment.
Yes, are happy to help you with warranty repairs. Our store doesn’t have service agreements with outside suppliers, so customers would be charged our normal labor fees and it’s up to the customer to collect possible reimbursement from their supplier. Customers would need to obtain their own replacement parts from their bike supplier, but we assist with the part selection(s).
Our e-bikes start around $1499. These are top quality e-bikes which include professional assembly, a free tuneup (first year) and free lifetime safety checks. These are manufactured by quality companies using high end e-bike parts. (Chains for example, need to be much stronger for an e-bike).
Yes, e-bikes are generally allowed to be ridden on the road. However, the specific regulations may vary depending on the region you’re riding in.
We can re-size the handlebars at no cost to you! We remove the grips, carefully measure and cut the bars, then replace the grips.
Yes, they can. There will be a little more traction than riding a road or hybrid style bike, but it’s not super noticeable. Typically mountain bikes run with lower tire pressure, so the ride on a street may feel more sluggish, but definitely mountain bikes can go on the road or the trails.
Because of the bikes’ power and potential high speed, we do not allow young kids to test ride e-bikes. If the child is 16 or older, and with an accompanying parent or guardian, we will be happy to set them up with a test ride (and a loaner helmet).



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