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Don’t wait – start your mountain biking adventure today. For more information contact us or stop in our Dublin, CA location and test ride some bikes in our parking lot.

We have everything you need for mountain biking adventures

  • Choose from Top Quality Brands: We have bikes ranging from entry level to Pro and everything in between
  • Styles: Enduro, Trail, Downhill, Cross Country. Aluminum or Carbon, Hardtail or Full Suspension
  • Bike Sizes: XXS (26” wheelbase) through XL with 27.5” or 29” wheelbase options
  • Huge Selection: Pedals, helmets, tires, shock pumps, tools, gloves, flat shoes and more. If your bike doesn’t come with a dropper post we can add one. Don’t like the seat? No problem, we have options to make your new (or current) bike just how you like it!
  • Quality hitch racks: Thule and Kuat for transporting your new bike home and to the hills or wherever your adventure is.

We Love Mountain bike riding and it shows in our work

Sometimes customers come to our store and aren’t sure what to buy, but we are expert detectives. We ask a ton of questions about what they would like to do with their bike, what their budget is and so forth. We will show different options and have them try different styles until we get the bike that is “Just Right”. We aren’t happy until our customers are happy!

Professionally Assembled: Our bikes are professionally assembled and we can customize the suspension to your body weight on select models.

Great Warranty: All bikes purchased from us have excellent manufacturer warranties and we offer the first tune up for free (if performed within 12 months of purchase).

Offering a Large Selection of Models from the Best Brands: 

  • Rocky Mountain: Element, Altitude, Instinct, Growler, Soul, Flow, and Growler Jr & Flow Jrs (for kiddos)
  • LIV (Women Specific): Pique, Embolden, and Bliss
  • Giant: Fathom, Reign, Trance, Anthem, Yukon, XTC, and Talon

Great mountain bikes for women by Liv.Get air with a mountain bike by Giant.

Explore breathtaking trails & push your limits

Mountain Bike FAQ’s

The choice of frame material depends on your riding style and preferences. Aluminum frames are lightweight and offer good durability at an affordable price. Carbon fiber frames are lighter, stiffer, and provide a smoother ride, but they can be more expensive. Steel frames offer a comfortable ride and are known for their durability and strength.
The ideal wheel size depends on the type of terrain you'll be riding and personal preference. 29-inch wheels offer better rollover capability, making them suitable for smoother trails and cross-country riding. 27.5-inch wheels provide a balance between agility and rollover capability, making them versatile for various trail conditions. 26-inch wheels are less common nowadays but can still be suitable for certain riding styles or smaller riders.
Mountain bikes typically come with either disc brakes or rim brakes. Disc brakes offer better stopping power, especially in wet and muddy conditions, and require less maintenance. They are highly recommended for mountain biking. Rim brakes are simpler and lighter, but they may not perform as well in adverse conditions.
A 1x drivetrain refers to a single front chainring and multiple rear cogs, while a 2x drivetrain has two front chainrings and multiple rear cogs. A 1x drivetrain simplifies shifting and reduces weight, while a 2x drivetrain provides a wider gear range for better climbing and high-speed pedaling. The choice depends on your riding style and the terrain you'll be tackling.
Suspension travel refers to the amount of travel the front fork and rear shock can absorb. Shorter travel (100-140mm) is ideal for cross-country riding and smoother trails. Medium travel (140-160mm) is suitable for trail riding and all-around performance. Longer travel (160-180mm or more) is designed for aggressive downhill riding and tackling rough and technical terrain.
Yes, many mountain bikes offer customization options. You can often choose different components such as suspension forks, drivetrain, brakes, and wheels to suit your preferences and riding style. Our bike shop can help you select and customize the components to build your dream mountain bike.
For beginners, a hardtail mountain bike is usually recommended. It provides a good balance of performance and affordability, making it suitable for riders who are just starting out on off-road trails.
Full suspension mountain bikes offer improved comfort and control on rough and technical trails. The rear suspension absorbs impacts, providing better traction and reducing fatigue. They are ideal for riders who enjoy aggressive downhill descents or challenging terrain.
Choosing the right size mountain bike is crucial for comfort and performance. The best way to determine the correct size is by considering your height and inseam measurement. It's also recommended to test ride different sizes to find the one that feels the most comfortable for you.
Cross-country mountain bikes are designed for efficiency and speed on smoother trails. They are lightweight and have less suspension travel. Downhill mountain bikes, on the other hand, are built for descending steep and rough terrain. They have more suspension travel and a more robust frame to handle the demands of aggressive downhill riding.
Regular maintenance is important to keep your mountain bike in optimal condition. It's recommended to have a basic tune-up every 6-12 months, depending on your riding frequency and conditions. Additionally, you should regularly clean and lubricate your bike, check for any wear or damage, and address any issues promptly.
Yes, we offer professional maintenance and repair services. Our experienced technicians can handle everything from basic tune-ups to complex repairs. We also offer bike assembly, wheel truing, suspension servicing, and more. Feel free to contact us or visit our shop for more information on our services.



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