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  • Brands: Haro, SE Bikes, Stranger, DK, Rocky Mountain, S & M Bikes
  • Styles:  Street/Park, Freestyle, Dirt Jumpers, Racing
  • Sizes: Offering traditional sizing PLUS we carry the elusive 18-19” range bikes and even over-sized 26” and 29” BMX bikes (aka big wheel BMX)
  • Accessories: Full-face helmets, half-shell helmets, Protective gear, gloves
  • Components: Pegs, replacement seats, chains, tires, rims

We’re the go-to store for all things BMX, (aka Bicycle Motor Cross)

BMX Bike FAQ’s

This depends on your height and riding style. Generally, there are three main sizes: 20-inch, 24-inch, and 26-inch. 20-inch bikes are the most common and suitable for riders under 6 feet tall. 24-inch bikes are better for taller riders, while 26-inch bikes are more suitable for dirt jumping or cruising. Our store also carries 18-19” and even oversized 29” frames. There is a size for everyone.
The price of BMX bikes can vary depending on the brand, features, and quality. Entry-level BMX bikes can range from $329 to $429, while high-end professional-level bikes can cost $699 or more. It's important to consider your skill level and intended use when determining your budget.
Yes we do! We have sizes for youth as well as adult. We also carry full-face BMX helmets for youth and adults.
There are several types of BMX bikes, including freestyle, racing, dirt jump, and street/park bikes. Freestyle bikes are versatile for tricks and stunts, racing bikes are built for speed on the track, dirt jump bikes are designed for off-road jumps, and street/park bikes are suitable for urban riding and skatepark use.
When purchasing a BMX bike, consider factors such as frame material (chromoly steel is commonly used for durability), components (strong and reliable), weight (lighter is often better for tricks), and overall build quality. It's also essential to choose a bike that suits your riding style and skill level. We have a great assortment of BMX bikes and offer free parking lot test rides.
Yes! We are happy to work on bikes purchased elsewhere. We can even assemble your on-line bike purchases. However, we offer FREE professional assembly when bikes are purchased from us as well as warranty support (if needed).



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