We Are Here

Dublin Cyclery is an essential business ready to serve you with all your biking needs. We’re open curbside for sales and repair, drop off and pickup. Our store is too small to safely have a showroom open at this time. Please wear a mask when visiting, and observe 6’ social distancing when waiting in line under our tent.

Service Department

Due to the extremely high volume of repair requests, tune-ups and repairs are booked out at close to three weeks (as of 4/15/21).   Tune-ups/repairs are performed on a First In-First Out basis. We do not schedule appointments.  We offer free inspections/quotes anytime, so just drop by during normal sales hours. We will give you a more definitive wait time at drop off.  Flat repair turn-around time is 1-2 days.


Due to the shortage of bike-related parts and accessories, we may not have parts for retail sale.  Many parts are back-ordered from our suppliers and/or the suppliers are imposing very strict limits on quantities we can order.  If you’re looking for parts for a DIY repair, please call us before making the trip and we’ll check availability for your request. Some tube prices are temporarily adjusted to reflect our higher cost. Our Main Vendor is out of stock, forcing us to purchase from  smaller companies at much higher costs.

Special Hours

We are open to serve customers between 11-3 Tuesday through Sunday. We are working before and after these hours on critical operations to keep our business running smoothly. Please don’t bang on our door for assistance if you see us inside. Working 1-1 with customers outside in our parking lot requires a lot of extra time so please be patient with us, we’re working as quickly and efficiently as possible to help you.


Our on-site customers take priority over customer phone calls.  If you call our store and get our answering machine, please hang up and try calling back in a few minutes.  We are outside helping customers.  Our answering machine fills up with messages every day and we listen to all messages after hours, but the quickest way to reach us is to call back.  You can also message us after hours through our Facebook page and typically get an answer within 3-4 hours.  Feel free to email us at info@dublincyclery.com. Emails may take 1-2 days for a response.  


Since the start of SIP, last March, we’ve been very limited on inventory of bikes.  Sales across the country are still through the roof as more and more people discover the fun of cycling.   We are slowly building up a decent assortment of bikes but are still very limited on what we have in stock. Many customers ask if we can just order them a bike from our suppliers. Sadly, no.  All of our suppliers are still scrambling to fulfill pre-season orders placed at the end of 2019. Those bikes were supposed to be shipped to us in July 2020 but are just now starting to trickle in. 

We have plenty of 10”, 12” 16” and 20” bikes. We have some GIRL’s 24” bikes but as of this date (4/16/21), we have NO 24” boy’s bikes. We do not anticipate receiving any in the near future. We have hybrids, mountain bikes and e-bikes. Some cruisers. We have just a few high end road bikes – no entry level. We are completely sold out of BMX bikes and are not scheduled to receive any more.

Shipping/handling policy (Effective 1/21/21):    All new bikes purchased from have a nominal freight/handling fee added to MSRP.  We are being sent only a few bikes at a time and do not get a freight allowance because shipments don’t meet the minimum number of bikes.  If we don’t accept backorder bikes the moment they’re available to ship to us, we lose them to the next retailer who’s willing to pay freight.  To best serve our customers, we have decided to accept shipments of any size to get inventory here.   We have the rates posted on our storefront. We cannot afford to cover all the massive freight fees and remain profitable. Thank you for your understanding.


We are sorry but during Covid, we cannot accept bike returns. Please be sure the bike you are buying is perfect for you before taking it home.

Outside Sales

For safety reasons, we are continuing to assist customers outside in our parking lot.  Please realize that we are not “line police”.  We are focused on giving our customers 100% of our attention and we don’t have time to monitor if someone jumps the line, or somehow the line splits into two.  Sales staff will ask “who’s next” when we’re available to help the next customer.  Please make a mental note of where you are in the line when you arrive out front.  See who is in front of you and if you notice someone arriving on scene, kindly help them realize that they need to get in line behind you.  We do not have the space to safely accommodate shoppers inside.

Peak Hours:   Our busiest times are when we first open, 11-11:30 and on weekends, from about 1:45 to closing.  If at all possible, please try to avoid these peak times.  It will save you a little bit of waiting.