Meet Some of the Dublin Cyclery Crew

Robert Beaman, Owner

Certified Fitter, Certified Mechanic


It was only logical that Robert take over ownership of Dublin Cyclery. He’s been here since he was in high school. Robert worked his way up from associate sales to lead mechanic & now to owner, as he takes the reins from past owner Chuck Tyler - who’s finally agreed to retire at age 88 years young. Robert intends to keep following the business style & preserve the charm that’s made Dublin Cyclery such a success over the past 51 years. Robert is an avid rider & hugely competitive - many of the guys at our shop are competing to see who can climb the most in a year. They post their ride stats using Strava - click here to see who’s currently in the lead.


Robert Rides: Giant Rein Advanced Mtn bike, Giant Defy road bike


Favorite Local Ride: Mt. Diablo - He uses Diablo as training for the annual “Death Ride”. His record # of ascents in 1 day is 3.5! Look for Robert & the Dublin Cyclery Crew at Diablo on Sunday mornings before opening the store & feel free to join!



Sales, Certified Master Fitter


Danny is a key employee here at Dublin Cyclery. Contrary to what most would assume, NO, he doesn’t get any special treatment being the baby brother to owner Robert. Danny has years & years of riding experience as well as experience in sales and repair – so he knows bikes inside and out. His fastest time for building a new box out of a bike is 15 minutes – that’s quick! Most laypeople can’t get the packing tape off a box that quick. 


Danny Rides: Custom BMX bike, Marin “Quake 2”, Custom Soma “Smoothie” road bike. In addition, he volunteers to test ride shop demo bikes & loves the Giant Carbon “Trance 2” Mtn. Bike (Seems like he needs to “test” this every week!)


Favorite Local Ride:Pleasanton Ridge, Mt. Diablo & Mt. Hamilton. Danny & the crew are quite competitive & challenge each other to beat their best times climbing Mt. Diablo. He still holds the fastest climb shop record (for now). Danny & the DC crew frequently ride the Iron Horse Trail because it goes to the Walnut Creek Pyramid Ale House Brewery.


Noah Watson

Nickname - Happy Pickle

Noah is our resident expert on just about every single bike in the shop. When Noah is not at work he's riding, getting as many KOM (King of the Mountains) titles he can. A little known fact about Noah, he survives on candy and cheeseburgers.


Social Media, Sales Support, Bookkeeping

Kristine (Kris) is our office manager/sales associate & social media coordinator. She helps out with pretty much everything in the shop and was instrumental in transitioning our shop from a manual cash register to a computerized POS inventory control system. She started as a hybrid weekend rider and is now training with us to ride the "Death Ride" in July 2017.


Favorite Bike(s):    Liv Co-Max Thrive


Favorite Local Ride:  Mt. Diablo, Livermore area



Sales, Certified Master Fitter


What can we say about David other than WOW! David has worked at DC all his working life, starting after school at age 15. David’s riding enthusiasm is contagious. He’s amazing at inspiring non-riders to give biking a try. Often when a couple comes in to look at bikes for only one rider, he convinces the spouse to just try a bike & they end up leaving very happily with two bikes. In addition to being great at sales, David is the go to guy when customers are looking for a very hard to find part/item.  David can pretty much find anything no matter how obscure. Little known fact – David bike commutes to work from Livermore almost every day. Those commute rides don’t satisfy his riding ambitions, so he also hits Mt. Diablo most days before work, often starting before the sun comes up.


David Rides:  Waterford RS-22 Road bike, Giant Reign 2 Mountain bike


Favorite Local Ride: Pleasanton Ridge, Mt. Diablo


Chuck Tyler

Retired, former owner for 51 Years! Chuck will always remain a big presence in the shop even though he's retired. Chuck passed his torch to Robert on Jan 1, 2017.

Chuck is enjoying his 2nd year of retirement and still out there riding the local hills and is STILL participating in DEATH RIDE 2018! What an inspiration - you GO CHUCK!



Chuck Rides: Waterford Custom Road Bike


Favorite Local Ride: Mt. Diablo  

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