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   FitKit Specialized Fittings

FitKit™ Specialized Fittings

  Basic Fitting ........ $50

  Dynamic Fitting ........ $125

  Master Fitting ........ $200

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We offer three levels of FitKit™ specialized fittings. Depending on your riding experience, goals, and/or complaints, we’ll discuss with you which fitting would be recommended, based on your needs.



Call us at 925-828-8676

to schedule your FitKit™ Session

(by appointment only)

FitKit™ sessions are in depth fittings which optimize every aspect of the rider’s positioning. This fitting takes a good hour as we measure foot length, inseam, torso length and arm length. Measuring the lower legs helps detect problem areas of body-to-bike relationships and identifies strengths, and proper positioning on the bike to increase comfort, power, and cycling pleasure.


This fitting is especially helpful for riders complaining of knee or hip pain. Making a slight adjustment in saddle positioning, handle bar positioning, using the FitKit™ system measurements can make a huge difference in your comfort level during rides, sometimes taking away most, if not all, of your biking discomforts. 


Fittings are done in our dedicated, private area away from other customers in the store, by appointment only. Fittings are highly detailed and we measure inseam, etc., so typically we have females fitted by female staff and males fitted by male staff. Riders should wear bike gear without padding which lays close to the skin (i.e. tights, biking shorts) and bring their cleats.

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