Take a Ride!

You have that bicycle, so get out and show it off. You'll enjoy some fresh air and make a few new friends at one of these exciting events!

We have a regular (sometimes irregular) Saturday morning ride (usually 9:00 am) from the shop.

Typically, the group is "maturing" persons (male and female) numbering 5 to 10.

We ride 20 miles or longer depending on the wishes of the group. It's always out to lunch and back or out and back to lunch. ALWAYS LUNCH!!!!!

It's always a casual recreational ride. No one EVER gets left behind. We agree on a number of stops to regroup during the ride. The cycling term is "no drop ride."

We have a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.

For those wishing more challenging rides, join us on one or more of the "event" rides listed below. We ride most of these rides. We'll be pleased to clarify the details. These are demanding rides.

For those wishing off-road mountain bike rides, call Danny or Robert Beaman (brothers and skilled staff mountain bike riders) at the shop (925-828-8676) for the next scheduled rides.

IN ALL CASES, call if you plan to join us.


We are again coming to The Mountain Challenge (a timed climb up Mt. Diablo from the Athenian School, and usually about 1,000 riders) Sunday October 5.

If you're planning to ride the event, register soon. The "Waves" fill quickly. We start the riders in waves (the first at 8:30 am) 5 minutes apart. The waves are according to the riders' speeds. Go to: www.savemountdiablo.org/activities_events_chal.html.

The event is a TOTAL celebration of life. Lots of festivities at the top.

Dublin Cyclery is in charge of the start and the getting to the top of "Stuff To The Top".

Since it's a timed event, the riders don't want to carry all the stuff they'll want once they're at the top. We take the "Stuff To The Top" up in vehicles that leave to go up, at minimum, 10 min. before the first "Wave".

We need volunteer help:

  • A minimum of 5 drivers with trucks or SUVs.
  • Additionally, 2 to 3 "Carriers".

The riders line up in their respective "Waves", from the front, along Mt. Diablo Scenic Road and back to (and into) the entry to Athenian. They put their "Stuff To The Top" in bike cartons along Mt. Diablo Scenic, and we start, at about 8:10 am, bringing those cartons to the front and loading the "To The Top" vehicles. As we near the 8:30 am first wave start, our getting the stuff to the front, loaded, and vehicles on their way up becomes A REAL "Two Minute Offence". It's exciting!!!!!

The drivers will need to be at Athenian and in the line up at 6:30 am. I tape off adequate parking positions at the front. Drivers go to the top before the start and off load their "Stuff To The Top" in front of the Dublin Cyclery tent (we have a crew up there for any mechanicing needed for the descent and with stuff the riders forgot for the descent - it can be cold). Once off loaded, drivers park in the designated parking, and are free to go position themselves to observe the riders' finishing. After the event, and once all the riders are released for the descent (the descent is tightly controlled), drivers are released to descend. This can be 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm depending. Drivers have a lot of free time to enjoy all the beauty of the top.

The "Carriers" also need to arrive at 6:30 am. We park the "Carriers" in the Athenian lot, and "Carriers" are free to leave once all Waves are under way to the top.

We ALL!!!!! get there early to get past all the parking marshals (no riders are allowed past the Diablo Road/ Green Valley Road intersection - they're directed to park at Monte Vista High) and to get into position early. YES!!!!!, we do have to do a "hurry up and wait". Dress warmly to peel down. It can be cold early. Bring your own coffee. The event's coffee isn't ready when we get there.

We will have a "Junction Wave" again this year. More about that on the day of, and once we all are there at the front.

Please let me know (and if you have questions) by email. Sign up early. We had to turn some away last year. The rangers limit us re the number of vehicles at the top. They run out of space. The event consumes both the top and the lower parking lots.

It's ALWAYS!!!!! a very special event.

Chuck T.

In answer to lots of questions:

The Save Mount Diablo organization (1901 Olympic Blvd. Ste 320, Walnut Creek, CA 94596), with a large number of faithful volunteers, is the promoter and producer of The Mountain Challenge. Save Mount Diablo benefits from the event. Go to their web: www.saveMountDiablo.org.

Dublin Cyclery has enthusiastically been a supporter and "involved" for a VERY long time.

We encourage you to ride the event. Again, it's a MAJOR celebration of life!!!!!

Chuck T.

Taking calls re centuries for 2014.

Cycle California: www.cyclecalifornia.com has all the season events listed.

This year, Dublin Cyclery staff will be on a tight budget for century participation. We, so far and fortunately, are WAY out of the ordinary busy. They are coming in out of the sheds and garages in 3's and 4's full of webs, spiders, and thick dust. IT'S GOOD!!!!! Lots of good persons getting back into it.

We will keep you posted on our event participation.

Chuck T.

For a complete listing of local rides, pick up a Valley Spokesmen newsletter and a Cycle California magazine in our store. Check them out on-line.

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Questions About These Rides?
Dublin Cyclery owner Chuck Tyler has ridden in many of the featured events and can wax poetic about each of the venues.

Of course, all Cyclery staff members are cycling enthusiasts and can give you tips on these and many other Northern California cycling events.

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