Take a Ride!

You have that bicycle, so get out and show it off. You'll enjoy some fresh air and make a few new friends at one of these exciting events!

We have a regular (sometimes irregular) Saturday morning ride (usually 9:00 am) from the shop.

Typically, the group is "maturing" persons (male and female) numbering 5 to 10.

We ride 20 miles or longer depending on the wishes of the group. It's always out to lunch and back or out and back to lunch. ALWAYS LUNCH!!!!!

It's always a casual recreational ride. No one EVER gets left behind. We agree on a number of stops to regroup during the ride. The cycling term is "no drop ride."

We have a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.

For those wishing more challenging rides, join us on one or more of the "event" rides listed below. We ride most of these rides. We'll be pleased to clarify the details. These are demanding rides.

For those wishing off-road mountain bike rides, call Danny or Robert Beaman (brothers and skilled staff mountain bike riders) at the shop (925-828-8676) for the next scheduled rides.

IN ALL CASES, call if you plan to join us.


Death Ride 2015 "First Rush" registration is 10:00am Dec. 11.

Veterans know that the Death Ride registration fills quickly. On Dec. 11, you'll need to be right at your computer ready to register at 10:00am. To be clear on specifics, please go to www.deathride.com/registration.

We'll start training rides from the shop in February, and will notify once scheduled. These rides will be DR training specific.

Any of us here will be pleased to advise should you be interested - DR experienced or not. Completing the DR requires a lot of specific trailing.

Some of the regular centuries for 2015 are up on Cycle California at www.cyclecalifornia.com. We here will do a number of the centuries and will keep you informed.

ALL of you will want to know that it's official - Robert Beaman, Senior Manager here, will own Dublin Cyclery January 1, 2015. Robert is skilled and competent and will continue to carry our "Brand"; namely: Wind in your hair, Sun in your face, and that 'Free Spirit'. The store is already reflecting Robert's personality - mostly more fresh and younger than "Off The Back". However, Robert has told me, "your rope is VERY short".

We continue to do regularly inconsistent rides (road and mountain) from the shop. If interested, we mostly know by Wednesday of any week what (if anything) we will be doing that week. Please call. The ride (length, pace, and amt. of climbing) depends on skills of those joining us. NO ONE gets left behind.

Chuck T.

For a complete listing of local rides, pick up a Valley Spokesmen newsletter and a Cycle California magazine in our store. Check them out on-line.

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Questions About These Rides?
Dublin Cyclery owner Chuck Tyler has ridden in many of the featured events and can wax poetic about each of the venues.

Of course, all Cyclery staff members are cycling enthusiasts and can give you tips on these and many other Northern California cycling events.

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The Valley Spokesmen are a San Francisco Bay Area bicycle club, based in Dublin. The club conducts both local and non-local rides. Emphasis is on road cycling, however some mountain bike rides are available.

A wide variety of club rides are conducted, ranging from short neighborhood rides suitable for families with children up to strenuous century-length rides. For more information, visit Valley Spokesmen
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