On a bicycle, we ALL experience a sense of freedom -- We ARE a free spirit. The stresses and pressures of "real life" all become so very small as we feel the wind in our hair and the sun on our face and the endorphins kick in.

When Sears & Roebuck sold bicycles, their 3-speed and 10-speed models were named "Free Spirit." What a good name for a bicycle!

Get on your bike and go be a free spirit!

To experience all the good things which go with being on your bicycle, it's VERY IMPORTANT that the bike fits YOU rather than you having to adjust yourself to fit the bike.

We can help you set up your existing bike so it more closely fits you. The result of this fitting procedure will be that you'll be on your bike more often and for longer rides. You'll enjoy it. You'll have that wind in your hair, sun on your face, and FREE SPIRIT experience.

Casual, Recreational, and Fitness cyclists come to us from all over Northern California to have us fit their bicycle to them.

The bicycle goes on the trainer with you on the bicycle in your cycling clothing and shoes. With the use of some special fitting tools, the saddle position (height, distance from handle bars, and pitch), the handle bar controls position, and the stem reach and pitch ALL get set up to FIT YOU.

You'll ride longer, farther, more often, more comfortably -- and you'll experience that FREE SPIRIT.

We build a number of custom bicycles each year for cycling enthusiasts with frames and forks from domestic and overseas frame builders.

Typically, the custom bike build involves using the FIT KIT to obtain individual measurements and calculations for the exact frame and fork configuration for the rider.

The resulting dimensions and geometry with factory recommendations get set up on the FIT MASTER so the customer can ride his/her bicycle in comfort ... AND he/she chooses a personal color or color combinations from the PPG catalogue before we order the frame and fork. You also get to choose your BUILD KIT (all the componentry to make it a bicycle).

AND!!! ONCE THE BICYCLE HAS BEEN BUILT, it goes on the trainer for the customer to ride. The bike gets a fine-tuned fitting to the customer. Subsequently, we refine that fitting after the rider has put some miles on the bike and make any necessary adjustments.


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