Flat Repair (45 to 60 min.) $60.00

  • Learn to, on the road, repair a flat, readjust the derailleur and brakes. Also learn how to patch and boot. Plan to get dirty.

Preventive Maintenance (45 to 60 min.) $60.00

  • A good investment for adult or youth in learning how to perform minor adjustments, tire care, when and where to clean and lube, and what to have fixed now – before it becomes costly to fix it. This component alone could save you $50.00 to $150.00.

Optimum Shifting (45 to 60 min.) $60.00

  • We’ll help YOU take the mystery out of all those gears. You’ll learn how to get into the correct gear for the given condition (before you start the climb of “that wall”), how to “spin”, and how to perform the “cross over” shift. The result will be your making the bike work for YOU!! You’ll actually be able to climb that – bleep – hill.

** Bicycle Wheel Building (60 to 90 min. Depending)

  • You can learn to build your own wheel from scratch – hub, spokes, and rim. This could require two 60 to 90 min. sessions. OR you can learn to lace your existing hub into a new rim with new spokes. AT MINIMUM, you can learn to true your own wheels. The FEE will depend on the project. Count on $100.00 and up!!
  • NOTE: Any choice other than traditional cross or 2.0 straight gauge lacing, likely, will require more time and fees.

** The Bicycle Overhaul (4 to 8 hr.) $400.00 and UP

  • VERY time intensive!!!!! We’ll supervise and advice as you do your own overhaul on your own bicycle. You’ll get dirty.

** Bicycle Basic Fit (60 min. MINIMUM) $125.00

  • Your bike goes on the trainer. You go on your bike in your cycling clothing and shoes. We’ll set cleat position, saddle up or down position, saddle forward or back position, and with the “Size-O-Matic” tool, we’ll determine your stem reach and pitch needs. Likely, we’ll roll your handlebar mounted controls “UP”. You’ll IMMEDIATELY feel the COMFORT!!!!!

** Bicycle Master Fit (up to two 60 to 90 min sessions) $200.00

  • The FULL fee becomes applicable to the purchase of a $1000.00 or more bicycle here.
  • We perform the complete procedure of THE FIT KIT and put those calculations into the Waterford FIT MASTER bicycle. The result is you ride your bike before we take it off the rack or order it from the factory. A factory order can mean that we custom order your bicycle. YOU can make a lot of input including your own color scheme. It truly is YOUR bike.

Shoe, Cleat, Pedal Clean, Lube, and Tension (30 to 60 min.)

  • $40 to $60 depending on shoes, cleats, or pedals conditions.
  • We confirm the cleat position on your shoes, and we tighten and clean the cleats. We clean, adjust the clip tension, and lube your pedals. If you wish to practice clipping in and out while bike is on a trainer, come in cycling clothing.


  • ALL Clinics and Fittings are for fees. We provide our time and skills. Clinics can be for a group, but Fittings are for the individual only. Group Fittings don’t work. Once Clinic or Fitting is scheduled, we expect you to be here and on time. You’re reserving our time and our skills.
  • ALL Clinics and Fittings are by ADVANCED APPOINTMENT ONLY. ABSOLUTELY no “drop ins”!!!!! Please plan in advance. We can’t do these on the spot.
  • ** VERY LIMITED scheduling available during November and December due to seasonal bicycle assembly demands.
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